Friday, February 9, 2007

How to Join Sunday Seven

We've amended the guidelines for joining. Here's how to join the Sunday Seven meme:

There are no hard and fast RULES. If you want to write a Sunday Seven - then go for it. You can come back here and comment on the current week's thread so that other Sunday Seven'ers can visit you. And you're welcome to grab one of the headers from the links on the sidebar.

(1) If you want to be on the Sunday Seven blogroll, email Carol - carol (at) themedian sib (dot) com - and let her know you want to join. Provide the following information in your email: Your name, blog name, blog URL. That's it. One email, and you're in!

(2) If you want to put the blogroll on your blog, just ask Carol to send the code to you.

(3) Participate! Have fun learning more about everyone in the Sunday Seven group!


the night owl said...

carol,... I would like to have the code to add the Sunday Seven Blogroll
on my blog.

Thanks, Baba

.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...

I too would like to be added please. I am posting my first Sunday Seven.

MamaArcher said...

please add me to the blogroll, my first post will be this Sunday!

Tonya said...

I've got a couple of questions that are probably silly, but I'll ask anyway. O:-)

I know how to take one of the "Sunday Seven" graphics and make it a "clickable link" back to this site. Do I need special permission to do this? Or is there one of those that you'd rather we use? Or perhaps none at all? ;-)I've got several already on my blog... "Marriage Monday,"
"Thankful Thursday"
"WORD-filled Wednesday"


PS.. I'm about to post my Sunday Seven @ Safe In HIS Arms.

Sandy S Zoo said...

I would like to join

Sandy S Zoo

Mummy of Two said...

Hi There,

Could you please add me too?

I start tomorrow!


yulz said...

does this blog stop featuring sunday seven ?

Just wondering