Tuesday, February 6, 2007


The idea for "Sunday Seven" was started by my mother, Ruth (of Ruthlace). A few years ago she began encouraging my siblings and me to write a "Sunday Seven" email about whatever was going on in our lives. The seven of us are scattered across the country, and through this weekly (sometimes) email we are able to keep up with other a little better.

It was such a simple and enjoyable format that when I started blogging in September 2005, I occasionally put my Sunday Seven as a post on my blog. I felt that a time of reflection and gratitude was a good way to end one week and begin another.

Then in February 2007, I thought of making it a meme and having other bloggers join in the fun. The inspiration for formatting the Sunday Seven blog came from Leanne at Thursday Thirteen. I have been participating in Thursday Thirteen since December 2005. It is so much fun, and I've "met" so many other bloggers through it.

I participate in other similar memes - but Thursday Thirteen was the first. So the format of having a central blog, members visiting each other's blog and commenting, having unique headers, and bringing together a community of bloggers were all inspired by Leanne's work.

There are no guidelines at Sunday Seven other than to be nice to each other and have fun. If you want to be on the blogroll, just drop me an email with your blog information.

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Robin @HeartofWisdom said...

Is there a Sunday Seven for Oct 21? Did I miss something?