Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Seven - 39th Edition

Happy Epiphany, Sunday Seveners!

The first Sunday in 2008 offers an opportunity for us to reflect on 2007. In what areas did my life meet its potential last year? How can I rearrange my priorities to make 2008 better? Here is your opportunity to end a week (and a year) and begin the next by --
  • Reflecting on things you're grateful for or meaningful events from the past week;
  • Anticipating (and allowing us to anticipate vicariously) upcoming events on your horizon;
  • Celebrating steps of progress you've make toward a goal;
  • Recognizing acts of kindness you have observed or performed;
  • Requesting support for the week coming up -- let us know what you're concerned about;
  • Inspiring and enlightening us-- if new understandings have come your way.
We invite you to link with each of us in sharing these joys, concerns, victories, or epiphanies. Let's take our minds away, for a couple of days, from the task of just "making it through the day" and focus on inner growth, self-improvement, new understanding, and thankfulness. As a community, we can each take strength from each other and offer encouragement to others as we get to know each other better.


Joan said...

Mine is posted - I'm saddled back up for the new year,

Anonymous said...

I' m in... i'm saddled up too for the new year :) :)

gp in montana

Carol said...

I'm in, too. My Sunday Seven will be posted within the next hour or two.

Lazy Daisy said...

I'm all into finding balance this year!