Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Seven - 48th Edition

Because I strongly believe that the expression of gratitude builds more gratitude and leads to a positive life direction, I wouldn't like to see Sunday Seven fall by the wayside. So, in response to Carol's request, I will host Sunday Seven as best I can until her life's pace settles down a bit and she can take back over the reins of this meme.

That said, let the positive sharing begin!

Welcome to the 48th Edition of Sunday Seven!!

As usual, we invite you to link with each of us in sharing our joys, concerns, victories, epiphanies, or whatever else you'd like to share. Our goal is to become a community in which we can take our minds away, for a couple of days, from the task of just "making it through the day" and focus on inner growth, self-improvement, new understanding, and thankfulness. As a community, we can each take strength from each other and offer encouragement to others as we get to know each other better.

When you have posted your Sunday Seven entry, leave a comment here, so that each of us can come by and read what you've had to say. I'll get mine posted when the sun goes down -- it is too absolutely gorgeous outside to sit at the computer right now!

Happy Weekend!


Joan said...

My SS for this weekend will be posted within an hour or so; I have started a post but haven't polished and/or edited yet.

Carol said...

Joan, that's great. Thank you. I just read this. I will do my best to help out, too. Between the two of us we should be able to keep it up. Maybe swap off weeks or months. What do you think?

Supriyadi said...

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