Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sunday Seven - 51st Edition

Welcome to the 51st edition of SUNDAY SEVEN.
We'd like to share in your thanksgivings or concerns as we take time on the weekend to consider and evaluate the course of our lives. So.....
What are you thankful for this weekend?
What has gone well for you?
What have you struggled with?
What events have you enjoyed?
Who are the people whose lives have intersected positively with yours?
What particular concerns are on your mind?
Write your Sunday Seven, and then hurry back to give us the URL for it so we can visit and read it.


Mercedes said...

I have posted mine! Seven Wonders I have to accomplish in the next two weeks~I wonder if Miss Procrastinator can do it? LOL! I hope we have a few more participants this week. I have solicited for more players at my place. You can check mine out here

Have a great day!

Audie said...

Here is my Sunday Seven.

Audie said...

I was just wondering if you could add me to The Sunday Seven Blogroll? I tried emailing you my information, but it couldn't go through for some reason.

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